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***Wild Animals***
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Thank you for the walks my friend
And thank you for the food.
Thank you for not spanking me
When I was bad or rude.

Thank you for the belly rubs
And the way you scratched my ears.
And when the sky was noisy
you helped to ease my fears.

I loved you in the good times.
I loved you in the bad.
I'm glad you let me comfort you
When you were hurt or scared.

Now that I am older,
And getting on in years
Sometimes I see you look at me
And your eyes fill up with tears.

And when I am no longer
the dog I used to be
And when I'm sick and dying,
You'll do whats right for me.

You'll be sad and you will cry,
When you and I do part.
Thanks my friend, for I'll always know,
That I'll be in your heart.
My goal in life is to be as
good a person as my dog
already thinks I am.  
Author Unknown
Background music playing ~ "Shiny Stockings" by Count Basie.
In loving memory of Dad Don Valente, our Jewel of Jazz!!
Brought to you by Becky & Danny
The reason a dog has so
many friends
is that he wags his tail
instead of his tongue.  -

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